Healthy planet, healthy life: benefits of veganism

There are many reasons why people should consider a vegan diet and lifestyle, one of which has been emphasized in my Twitter posts, that is, the negative effects of a carnivorous diet on the planet and its accelerating impact on climate change.

In the past, I have emphasized another strong reason for going vegan, that is, the health benefits of the plant-based diet. Heavily influenced by the work of Thomas Campbell and the China Study, I have become convinced by the data, as well as my own experience of improved health, after adopting a strictly vegan diet.

However, though these are two excellent reasons for going vegan with a diet, at the very root of the vegan cause is the obvious, and most compelling, argument to be made, that is, the abject cruelty and immoral slaughter of animals for human consumption.

And, it is not only the slaughter that is egregious, but also the production activities of the enormous agricultural industry that is charged with the cruel duty of meeting the carnivores’ growing demand for more meat.

Horrendous living conditions, animal diseases, rampant use of antibiotics in food production, government complicity in the blatant disregard for animal well-being and its own regulations, all are contributors to the moral decline of the human appetite.

“Veganism” is sometimes viewed as trendy and sexy, while both weird and marginal to human behavior. But, at its core, it is a moral cause that is both healthful and neighborly to all of the inhabitants of the only planet we have.