Save Tarrant County Drinking Water!

excerpt from my article on Tarrant County Green Party news site…

It doesn’t take long in Texas to know that the oil and gas industry rules the roost, even when drilling activity threatens the drinking water of a half million people.

A local grassroots organization, Liveable Arlington, is working to do something about it!

In January, Bluestone Natural Resources filed a permit request to build a wastewater injection well near one of the largest water resources in the Tarrant County region, Lake Arlington. The lake provides drinking water for hundreds of thousands of residents, including Arlington, Fort Worth, and suburbs both north and south.

The wastewater consists of excess gas and salt water from fracking operations in the city. It is toxic, undrinkable, and unfit for agricultural or recreational activities. The City of Arlington is also concerned about the well undermining and doing permanent damage to the dam, about 9000 feet away from the proposed location. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says this is too close.

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Practical Tips for the Whistleblower | The Law Offices of Daniel Feder | San Francisco, California

Excellent tips on how to protect oneself against retaliation and/or loss of job if “whistleblowing” may be in your future.  See link below excerpt.

Whistleblowers are responsible for uncovering 43 percent of all corporate and government fraud, according to a Price Waterhouse study. This is more than all of the fraud uncovered by law enforcement and outside auditors combined. So, whistleblowing plays an important role in keeping corporations honest, and rooting out the bad guys and ladies from society.

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Israeli War Lies Unveiled as Corporate Media Crumbles – Truthdig

Found this article on Truthdig by David Swanson (see link below)

Swanson faults the corporate media for the U.S.’s willful blindness with regard to Israel’s aggression against Palestine and their other neighbors. He points to the diminishing effectiveness of the media to convince younger generations of the traditional “Israel bias”, largely because of their confidence in alternative news sources.

What happens when you take the control away? When young people in the United States get their news from the internet and foreign media, their support for Israeli wars and occupations plummets. Backers of Israeli wars find it necessary to start trying to ban criticism on U.S. college campuses. Just as young people have overwhelmingly backed Bernie Sanders despite corporate media opposition, those who avoid the corporate media are able to back justice for Palestinians (and often to a much greater extent than Sanders does).

The bias spelled out by Swanson…

The central lie of Israeli war propaganda is also the most effective lie in the United States and the focus of the first chapter of my book War Is A Lie, namely the lie that wars are defensive. Just as the U.S. corporate media engages in blowback denial with September 11 or Brussels, it tells us that Palestinian resistance is spontaneous irrational aggression, unprovoked and inexplicable except by understanding Palestinians as less than human. In the U.S. corporate media, the Palestinians always started it, and Israel is always acting in defense, even when it’s aggressively bombing civilians as it was doing in 1982 when U.S. media voices had not yet been properly trained.

via Israeli War Lies Unveiled as Corporate Media Crumbles – Truthdig

My rap on Obama

Let me get this out of the way.  I voted for him, and I’m supportive of many of his efforts.  Then, there are these:

  • Drones
  • Guantanamo
  • Early departure from single-payer
  • Bad trade deals
  • Failure (mostly) to engage with political opposition in seven years in office
  • Where’s his Justice Dept on the big bank bailouts and executive bonuses
  • Did I mention drones?

Voting Is An Act Of Violence | Farm Wars

Excerpt from Voting Is An Act Of Violence | Farm Wars

“Voting” in a corporate-controlled state is merely casting your lot for the CEO of the corporation. You don’t actually get a say in the process nor the outcome, but are brainwashed into thinking you do by the mere act of voting. The Board Members will do what they want to encourage the growth of that corporation and are beholden to the shareholders. The shareholders are not we the people. The shareholders are the PTB. These are the uber-rich guys who hold all the cards and choose whom they like to do their will.

Great blog by “Farm Wars” author, Barbara Peterson!

includes entire article by Hans Scherr (1999)

article quotes excerpt from A Nation Beguiled


Bernie Sanders Powerless Against Global Capitalism | Your News Wire

One of the tensions on display is abstract representation versus participation, in superficial terms related to competing democratic forms. Left undefined in both frames is the political population of interest. Hillary Clinton and assorted Republicans promise competent representation while Bernie Sanders offers in words and frame-of-reference a participatory ‘process’ that references a broader, but still only partially defined, population. The political economy that all seek to lead is a developed patronage system posed as an artifact of ‘natural’ organization through the intersection of state and economy. The shortcomings of all of these campaigns centers on their imperial frames as they relate to the relevant communities as they are conceived and put forward by the candidates.

via Bernie Sanders Powerless Against Global Capitalism | Your News Wire

Startup post for 60 Left

Starting this blog to collect and disseminate information that will benefit progressive thinkers and activists.  Content will be 50/50 my own vs content from others that I curate from the websites, newsletters, and social media forums I read.

My Twitter handle is @ttxtodd .

60 Left is a descriptive name I gave this blog, reflecting my age of 60+ and my left-wing, progressive views.

I hope readers will visit often and find good content.