A Texas-size pissing match

A real Texas-size pissing match is taking place in the state capital of Austin as Governor Greg Abbott is seeking greater control over local law enforcement agencies. The issue is “sanctuary cities.”

In one corner, you have the “guvnah”, the successor to one Rick Perry, who was the successor of one George W. Bush, and on and on, with one exception, the late great Ann Richards. Some of us still remember those days fondly, but nostalgia aside, this ain’t Ann’s Texas any more.

In the other corner, you have the Travis County sheriff, Sally Hernandez. She has a distinct honor these days, the honor of being the governor’s number one nemesis, the kind that makes a mudpie with your own spit, and then rubs your face in it. Hernandez doesn’t care much for ICE detainers, those pieces of paper that tell her who she is supposed to detain for the feds. And, by some accounts, she enjoys the role of antagonist to the governor.

In all likelihood, even though the House is weakening the bill from that which was passed in the Senate committee, Abbott will win this battle. Perhaps, it’s demographics. Or, maybe it’s that Ann has been gone too long for us Texas progressives to survive this one.

Read the Texas Tribune article for more info…


Hedges: “Crawl toward despotism”

Readers of GreenGuyBlog will quickly note that I read Chris Hedges, and I trust his analyses and forecasts.

In today’s column on Truthdig, Hedges forecasts the “crawl toward despotism” of power in the United States. His article, “A Last Chance for Resistance”, presents a chilling call to Americans to heed the stark warnings of our impending democratic demise.

It will be increasingly difficult to carry out mass protests and civil disobedience. Repression will become steadily more overt and severe. Dissent will be equated with terrorism. We must use the space before it is shut. This is a race against time. The forces of despotism seek to keep us complacent and pacified with the false hope that mechanisms within the system will moderate Trump or remove him through impeachment, or that the looming tyranny will never be actualized. There is an emotional incapacity among any population being herded toward despotism or war to grasp what is happening. The victims cannot believe that the descent into barbarity is real, that the relative security and sanity of the past are about to be obliterated. They fail to see that once rights become privileges, once any segment of a society is excluded from the law, rights can instantly be revoked for everyone.

Read the entire article here.