DemExit finally

I’ve taken a lot of crap from friends who are Democrats. If you voted Green, or for anyone but Trump or Hillary, you’ve heard it, too.

The election of Trump? SAD! On this, I agree with Hillary’s supporters.

Other SAD things also come to mind:

  • The sense of entitlement that Dems have that tells them all people left of Attila the Hun are “their voters”
  • Their addiction to greed and reaping the rewards of corporate donations to their campaigns for looking after corporate interests over the people’s
  • The duplicity of saying different things to different crowds of people; call it deception, or better, LYING
  • The manner in which they condescend, throughout the mainstream Dem party and their puppy-dog propaganda press, to speak to me, to minorities, to blue collar workers, to millennials, to Republicans, to virtually everyone except those in their elite circles of money and power
  • Their inability to speak the truth plainly about their own shortcomings and deceptions of the past — their complete inability to conduct honest self-analysis and critique
  • The way they shift blame to everyone but themselves for giving up over 1000 positions in state governments during the period of Obama’s presidency
  • The way they are satisfied with mere symbolism, as in the election of a black president, and the prospect of having a woman president, rather than being authentic crusaders for social justice, peace, workers rights, and others
  • The way they so quickly embrace war, drones, and intervention as solutions to many issues that could be negotiated if they would drop their dogged allegiance to money, oil, and Israel.


I’m done with the Democrats. I’ve given them over half my life, but I’m finally over it. I have found a good home in the Green Party as many people are doing. Our success will be found in winning the issues we fight for. We are informed, and we are active beyond words.


Top five tweets

A feature of 60Left will be the weekly Top Five tweets list, with references and texts, and at times, some additional commentary.  These are the top five performing tweets in terms of audience reached, primarily through RTs.  The timeline varies.  They are taken from the last 30 tweets that met a minimum threshold.

This week, the top five tweets that have performed best during this period fall into four categories: corporatism, progressive politics, vegan, and revolution/political action.

Here they are, from top to bottom:

Hillary’s emails reveal an arrogance of power #corporatist
This was a blog article of my own, an extended commentary, on information derived from
VICE News.

Progressive Politics
The Backlash Against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Growing #lgbt #homophobia
References an article by Bryce Covert (@brycecovert) for ThinkProgress News.
A development late last week that hit Twitter with a storm. Activists must let our voices be heard loudly and clearly as the state legislature in North Carolina seek to circumvent progress made by the LGBT citizens in their state.

Veganism is sustainable living in action, so let’s take it a few steps further : Ecorazzi #vegan
Article by Lauren-Elizabeth McGrath (@l0l0mcg) for Ecorazzi
The article consists of a well-written list of practical tips on adopting a vegan lifestyle of sustainability.

Study reveals tremendous benefits of eating less meat #vegan #climate
Article by Katherine Martinko (@feistyredhair) for
Presents a list of various eating lifestyles and the impact on the health of the planet.

Revolution/Political Action

Black voters have seen #votersuppression for years! Tactics are old, just a broader demographic! #DNC is not our friend, progressives!
This was a tweet I wrote in response to the appearance of voter suppression in Maricopa County in Arizona during the Democratic primary.

Voting Is An Act Of Violence | Farm Wars

Excerpt from Voting Is An Act Of Violence | Farm Wars

“Voting” in a corporate-controlled state is merely casting your lot for the CEO of the corporation. You don’t actually get a say in the process nor the outcome, but are brainwashed into thinking you do by the mere act of voting. The Board Members will do what they want to encourage the growth of that corporation and are beholden to the shareholders. The shareholders are not we the people. The shareholders are the PTB. These are the uber-rich guys who hold all the cards and choose whom they like to do their will.

Great blog by “Farm Wars” author, Barbara Peterson!

includes entire article by Hans Scherr (1999)

article quotes excerpt from A Nation Beguiled


Hillary’s emails reveal an arrogance of power

Excerpt from, FBI Reveals New Details About Its Probe Into Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private Email Server | VICE News

More than 1,800 emails were withheld or heavily redacted under exemptions to the FOIA law, including 22 that were not released because they were deemed Top Secret and would cause “exceptionally grave damage” to national security if disclosed. About 65 others were classified Secret and were heavily redacted. VICE News is currently fighting in federal court for a summary of the information contained in those emails.

Bernie Sanders may not care about those “damn emails,” but two things about this are infuriating to me.

Arrogance of power

Clinton shows time after time that she doesn’t play by anyone’s rules but her own. She falls back to one excuse or another when she gets caught. “Everyone else does this, too!”  And, she feigns total ignorance when it comes to technology, that is, unless, in some other capacity she is portraying herself to be knowledgeable about it, and then she becomes didactic.  That the main stream media allows her to get by with this is telling. Their biases are on full display.

We have no reason to presume that, if she becomes President, she will honor the rule of law. She is arbitrary, duplicitous, and narcissistic. And, with Bill at her side, it will be a double whammy to our freedom.

Presumption of our stupidity

Along with the arrogance of power, and something that should remind us of fascist totalitarianism, is the presumption that Americans will — because they must — fall in line because we are stupid enough to let her deceptions work. She believes — and she’s probably correct — that she can get by with it.

As President, holding the keys to enforcement, and the rule of law cast aside when it’s inconvenient, executive power will creep much further, and perhaps faster, into totalitarian governance. With the blessings of the corporate state, nothing will hold her back.  That is, of course, if we do NOTHING to stop it.