DemExit finally

I’ve taken a lot of crap from friends who are Democrats. If you voted Green, or for anyone but Trump or Hillary, you’ve heard it, too.

The election of Trump? SAD! On this, I agree with Hillary’s supporters.

Other SAD things also come to mind:

  • The sense of entitlement that Dems have that tells them all people left of Attila the Hun are “their voters”
  • Their addiction to greed and reaping the rewards of corporate donations to their campaigns for looking after corporate interests over the people’s
  • The duplicity of saying different things to different crowds of people; call it deception, or better, LYING
  • The manner in which they condescend, throughout the mainstream Dem party and their puppy-dog propaganda press, to speak to me, to minorities, to blue collar workers, to millennials, to Republicans, to virtually everyone except those in their elite circles of money and power
  • Their inability to speak the truth plainly about their own shortcomings and deceptions of the past — their complete inability to conduct honest self-analysis and critique
  • The way they shift blame to everyone but themselves for giving up over 1000 positions in state governments during the period of Obama’s presidency
  • The way they are satisfied with mere symbolism, as in the election of a black president, and the prospect of having a woman president, rather than being authentic crusaders for social justice, peace, workers rights, and others
  • The way they so quickly embrace war, drones, and intervention as solutions to many issues that could be negotiated if they would drop their dogged allegiance to money, oil, and Israel.


I’m done with the Democrats. I’ve given them over half my life, but I’m finally over it. I have found a good home in the Green Party as many people are doing. Our success will be found in winning the issues we fight for. We are informed, and we are active beyond words.


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