Time tasks in organizing

Most nights, I come home and prepare a quick supper for us, and then I get on with my reading and letter-writing about upcoming legislation, reading the local news that needs some local action, and then I try to leave time for some background reading to keep the coals burning. During baseball season, I take lots of time outs to check on my Texas Rangers.

But, some nights, like tonight, I simply have to sit down and get organized. I take time to follow through on commitments I’ve made to the local and state Green Party, and I think about “next steps” a lot. It’s just Organizing 101 to make time for tasks that seem a bit off-topic at times, but they are important.

  • They keep us on the path to a future we want
  • Our actions have a ripple effect, and will sometimes kick someone else into gear
  • It feels good to get all the thoughts down in writing (spreadsheets are my favorite)
  • We can sleep at night knowing that we’re doing all we can

It’s always important that our valuable time is spent on the “right” things, and we don’t get caught up in perfection. I admire beautifully done spreadsheets and formatting and such, but it’s also debilitating, so I try my best to avoid perfectionism.

But, it also just as important that great ideas that are ignited in our brains while we’re driving, sleeping, showering, or talking with other people, do not die out due to not getting it down on paper in some kind of planning apparatus.

Tonight, I spent a couple of hours putting together a legislative “Bill Watch” spreadsheet, organized by Green Party topics, so that other Legislative Committee members can team up, using shared Google documents, and make everyone’s load lighter. We are bound to get more done, and more bills will be influenced, if we can work together and not overlap each other’s efforts.

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