A change in focus – Hello Greens!

My political journey has had some dramatic twists and turns in the last 42 years that I’ve been politically aware and somewhat conscious (most of the time). As I entered my 60’s a few years ago, I looked back and gasped at the amount of time I spent wandering, unanchored to principles that matched my passions at the time.

The lack of consistency in my political activism, I believe, is due to my dependence on a “false anchor” that I was reluctant to cut myself away from. This anchor was the Democratic Party.

I don’t care to defend that last statement — I’ve spent too much of my life trying to satisfy critics of my political leanings, of which there are many.

We have been brought to heel by “big money” politics, and the most predictable outcome was achieved, a thriving oligarchy in which the Democratic Party, under Clinton and beyond, especially, was its chief architect. In pursuing corporate money, i.e. power, the masses of people who had once depended on Democrats to do their bidding were betrayed by the Party’s pursuit of richer pastures. They sold us out for thirty pieces of silver. Many of us were reluctant to admit it; and, many still haven’t.

So, I’m going in a new direction, one in which my principles and passions match. I am now a full-fledged and soon-to-be full-throated member and activist with the Green Party. I stuck my toe in the water in 2016, voting for Green candidates in all the races where they existed in my district, but now I’m diving in. So long, Dems! Hello Greens!

(Posts previous to this date have been retained for the record, but this marks the beginning to a new title for the blog, GreenGuyBlog. The old “60 Left” entries were written during the period I supported Bernie Sanders for the Dem nomination.)

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