Democracy and the whimper of rebellion

(First posted in April 2016, during primary elections)

If we allow ourselves to be courted by politicians whose past performances prove they are impotent and prone to acquiesce to the status quo of the corporate state, we choose to be a victim of the flirtatious advances of narcissistic functionaries who always perform best for the highest bidders.  This is not a democracy; it is oligarchy.

The fact is that, for now, we exercise a meaningless vote every couple of years. It is a relic, an indication that in some distant past, if not a mythical rendition of it, that keeps the oligarchy on track. It assures the citizenry that the elite — the corporate boards and billionaire class  — are acting with their consent and approval. It quietens any whimper of rebellion and marginalizes the steady dissent of the few.

The path to democracy is not the way of the ballot box. It is, rather, a forceful and constant confrontation with the wealthy beneficiaries of the oligarchy.

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