Getting a head start on revolution

For people who were not political activists prior to this election, it is essential that we find organizations or causes with whom we can align so that our political revolution can build.

We cannot lie down and wait for four years to get active again. This cycle is literally killing us, the planet, the intellectual development, the social integration, and the economic parity that will provide the basis for social justice. We wait, we hope, we kick the can down the road.

We are not dependent on a candidate. A progressive candidate might make it easier, but most likely, it would make it even harder than it is now. It would give the appearance of change, but the political process of compromise and acquiring congressional votes, and influencing career politicians who are corporate whores, in some ways, may be even harder. Just look at 2008 and what happened since Obama was elected! Some gains, yes, but some compromises that will be hard to erase (ex. ACA).

We should start now, aligning ourselves with groups and causes who seek progressive change. It will require active revolutionaries. Working from the keyboard will be helpful, but working with a good pair of walking shoes will be better.

I’m making my list, and you’ll read about them in the days ahead.

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