Israeli War Lies Unveiled as Corporate Media Crumbles – Truthdig

Found this article on Truthdig by David Swanson (see link below)

Swanson faults the corporate media for the U.S.’s willful blindness with regard to Israel’s aggression against Palestine and their other neighbors. He points to the diminishing effectiveness of the media to convince younger generations of the traditional “Israel bias”, largely because of their confidence in alternative news sources.

What happens when you take the control away? When young people in the United States get their news from the internet and foreign media, their support for Israeli wars and occupations plummets. Backers of Israeli wars find it necessary to start trying to ban criticism on U.S. college campuses. Just as young people have overwhelmingly backed Bernie Sanders despite corporate media opposition, those who avoid the corporate media are able to back justice for Palestinians (and often to a much greater extent than Sanders does).

The bias spelled out by Swanson…

The central lie of Israeli war propaganda is also the most effective lie in the United States and the focus of the first chapter of my book War Is A Lie, namely the lie that wars are defensive. Just as the U.S. corporate media engages in blowback denial with September 11 or Brussels, it tells us that Palestinian resistance is spontaneous irrational aggression, unprovoked and inexplicable except by understanding Palestinians as less than human. In the U.S. corporate media, the Palestinians always started it, and Israel is always acting in defense, even when it’s aggressively bombing civilians as it was doing in 1982 when U.S. media voices had not yet been properly trained.

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My rap on Obama

Let me get this out of the way.  I voted for him, and I’m supportive of many of his efforts.  Then, there are these:

  • Drones
  • Guantanamo
  • Early departure from single-payer
  • Bad trade deals
  • Failure (mostly) to engage with political opposition in seven years in office
  • Where’s his Justice Dept on the big bank bailouts and executive bonuses
  • Did I mention drones?

What should you FOIA? There’s a new tool to help you figure that out. – Poynter

Poynter has a new article regarding the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and how journalists, or anyone else, can get better and more streamlined access to public information.

For activists who want to drill beneath the headlines and main stream media stories, this will be invaluable resource.

It’s called the FOIA Mapper. Here’s a clip from the story on Poynter which contains a link to the Mapper.

FOIA Mapper works by offering a way for people to see what information exists, which agencies have it, what format they have it in and how to request it in a way that makes that request the most likely to be filled. You can also search the FOIA log to see what other people and news organizations are requesting.

via What should you FOIA? There’s a new tool to help you figure that out. – Poynter

Top five tweets

A feature of 60Left will be the weekly Top Five tweets list, with references and texts, and at times, some additional commentary.  These are the top five performing tweets in terms of audience reached, primarily through RTs.  The timeline varies.  They are taken from the last 30 tweets that met a minimum threshold.

This week, the top five tweets that have performed best during this period fall into four categories: corporatism, progressive politics, vegan, and revolution/political action.

Here they are, from top to bottom:

Hillary’s emails reveal an arrogance of power #corporatist
This was a blog article of my own, an extended commentary, on information derived from
VICE News.

Progressive Politics
The Backlash Against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Growing #lgbt #homophobia
References an article by Bryce Covert (@brycecovert) for ThinkProgress News.
A development late last week that hit Twitter with a storm. Activists must let our voices be heard loudly and clearly as the state legislature in North Carolina seek to circumvent progress made by the LGBT citizens in their state.

Veganism is sustainable living in action, so let’s take it a few steps further : Ecorazzi #vegan
Article by Lauren-Elizabeth McGrath (@l0l0mcg) for Ecorazzi
The article consists of a well-written list of practical tips on adopting a vegan lifestyle of sustainability.

Study reveals tremendous benefits of eating less meat #vegan #climate
Article by Katherine Martinko (@feistyredhair) for
Presents a list of various eating lifestyles and the impact on the health of the planet.

Revolution/Political Action

Black voters have seen #votersuppression for years! Tactics are old, just a broader demographic! #DNC is not our friend, progressives!
This was a tweet I wrote in response to the appearance of voter suppression in Maricopa County in Arizona during the Democratic primary.

Voting Is An Act Of Violence | Farm Wars

Excerpt from Voting Is An Act Of Violence | Farm Wars

“Voting” in a corporate-controlled state is merely casting your lot for the CEO of the corporation. You don’t actually get a say in the process nor the outcome, but are brainwashed into thinking you do by the mere act of voting. The Board Members will do what they want to encourage the growth of that corporation and are beholden to the shareholders. The shareholders are not we the people. The shareholders are the PTB. These are the uber-rich guys who hold all the cards and choose whom they like to do their will.

Great blog by “Farm Wars” author, Barbara Peterson!

includes entire article by Hans Scherr (1999)

article quotes excerpt from A Nation Beguiled


Getting a head start on revolution

For people who were not political activists prior to this election, it is essential that we find organizations or causes with whom we can align so that our political revolution can build.

We cannot lie down and wait for four years to get active again. This cycle is literally killing us, the planet, the intellectual development, the social integration, and the economic parity that will provide the basis for social justice. We wait, we hope, we kick the can down the road.

We are not dependent on a candidate. A progressive candidate might make it easier, but most likely, it would make it even harder than it is now. It would give the appearance of change, but the political process of compromise and acquiring congressional votes, and influencing career politicians who are corporate whores, in some ways, may be even harder. Just look at 2008 and what happened since Obama was elected! Some gains, yes, but some compromises that will be hard to erase (ex. ACA).

We should start now, aligning ourselves with groups and causes who seek progressive change. It will require active revolutionaries. Working from the keyboard will be helpful, but working with a good pair of walking shoes will be better.

I’m making my list, and you’ll read about them in the days ahead.

Hillary’s emails reveal an arrogance of power

Excerpt from, FBI Reveals New Details About Its Probe Into Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private Email Server | VICE News

More than 1,800 emails were withheld or heavily redacted under exemptions to the FOIA law, including 22 that were not released because they were deemed Top Secret and would cause “exceptionally grave damage” to national security if disclosed. About 65 others were classified Secret and were heavily redacted. VICE News is currently fighting in federal court for a summary of the information contained in those emails.

Bernie Sanders may not care about those “damn emails,” but two things about this are infuriating to me.

Arrogance of power

Clinton shows time after time that she doesn’t play by anyone’s rules but her own. She falls back to one excuse or another when she gets caught. “Everyone else does this, too!”  And, she feigns total ignorance when it comes to technology, that is, unless, in some other capacity she is portraying herself to be knowledgeable about it, and then she becomes didactic.  That the main stream media allows her to get by with this is telling. Their biases are on full display.

We have no reason to presume that, if she becomes President, she will honor the rule of law. She is arbitrary, duplicitous, and narcissistic. And, with Bill at her side, it will be a double whammy to our freedom.

Presumption of our stupidity

Along with the arrogance of power, and something that should remind us of fascist totalitarianism, is the presumption that Americans will — because they must — fall in line because we are stupid enough to let her deceptions work. She believes — and she’s probably correct — that she can get by with it.

As President, holding the keys to enforcement, and the rule of law cast aside when it’s inconvenient, executive power will creep much further, and perhaps faster, into totalitarian governance. With the blessings of the corporate state, nothing will hold her back.  That is, of course, if we do NOTHING to stop it.


Bernie Sanders Powerless Against Global Capitalism | Your News Wire

One of the tensions on display is abstract representation versus participation, in superficial terms related to competing democratic forms. Left undefined in both frames is the political population of interest. Hillary Clinton and assorted Republicans promise competent representation while Bernie Sanders offers in words and frame-of-reference a participatory ‘process’ that references a broader, but still only partially defined, population. The political economy that all seek to lead is a developed patronage system posed as an artifact of ‘natural’ organization through the intersection of state and economy. The shortcomings of all of these campaigns centers on their imperial frames as they relate to the relevant communities as they are conceived and put forward by the candidates.

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Startup post for 60 Left

Starting this blog to collect and disseminate information that will benefit progressive thinkers and activists.  Content will be 50/50 my own vs content from others that I curate from the websites, newsletters, and social media forums I read.

My Twitter handle is @ttxtodd .

60 Left is a descriptive name I gave this blog, reflecting my age of 60+ and my left-wing, progressive views.

I hope readers will visit often and find good content.